Happy Valley

Joe Pa

Happy Valley.  Absolute Shit Show.  Beaver Stadium, second most seating capacity in college football.  First time I visited, I remember being hung over Saturday morning, not knowing what to expect for the Ohio State game.  Started of with a breakfast sandwich, which is FUCKING necessary.  A coffee; JK fuck coffee, fruit punch gatorade.  If you think there is something better, you’re doing life wrong, like Jerry.



I visited Penn State to see a close friend, as we are the opposite sex and both enjoy sporting events, thats hard to find.  She is proud Nittany Lion and I credit her helping with this post, except for the one incident when I visited which I will get in to later.  (Women don’t understand technology)

First thing I want to mention before we get in to all of this, we all know what happened. We don’t need to be reminded of what happened. As everyone now is saying “fuckin Nick, yea we know what happened you fuck” I do need to say this.  Regardless of what you think of Joe Paterno, the guy was a football guy.  Period.  He changed the game at Penn State. Not to mention College Football in general.  He passed away at 85, less than two months after being dismissed for you know what.  I’m not getting in to it, but I feel like his statue being taken down, has started a trend since, everyone is mad at everyone these days. Fuckin 2017, grow up.

1775: “Give me Liberty, or give me Death”



2017: “Give me what I want or I’ll protest and cry”

What the fuck America?




State College, PA.  ahhh.  First time I visited, I turned a corner with my friend, there was a handgun (HANDGUN, REAL) on the corner of the street, just laying there, like it fell out of someones jeans.  Two guys at the SAME time walked by talking about how hot Miley Cyrus is (this was in 2009) and someone was blasting spice girls in their van on the same corner. I. WAS. CONFUSED. But she convinced me, it was going to be ok.  This is Penn State, it has to be.  SHE. WAS. CORRECT.


We rolled up to a Fraternity, I was in awe.  Frat houses in State College, look like Medieval Castles.  I mean absolute monstrosities.  They spend their parents money on 7000 beers and wont pay $50 for ice.  All good, Im a Bud Light guy, so I wasn’t intrigued by the warm keystone lite, unlike my companion, sophomore college chick at a frat, warm beer is like sitting at home drinking boxed wine, watching Netflix at the age of 30 alone.  Satisfying as fuck.




I asked her where I can buy beer.  “Two blocks down the road at the Holiday Inn” she said.  Sold. I roll up, confused why there were no 24 packs, as I am a dude.  Actually not even that, I’m in a college town.  I get to the register with a 12 pack and 6 pack of ICE COLD Bud Lights. I am then told to purchase each separately, then take one of the purchases outside the store, to purchase the second.  I look at the cashier confused, I am a legal 21 year old American, I can purchase as many beers as I want, especially when I saw a bunch of Frat guys roll up with 7000 WARM beers, I cant buy 18 beers to see the light of day, I comply.  I get back to complain to my friend the situation I was in, that I never dealt with before.  She then starts to state how the state of Pennsylvania ABC works, as I start to chug multiple beers slowly starting to understand the worst alcoholic beverage control laws in the US of A.




Campus:  Check this place out.  It’s insane.  So much history and the campus is beautiful.  GameDay will be set up on Old Main.  It should be cleared out by Sunday afternoon when you finally knock the cobwebs off, I would check it out.  The Lion Shrine, self explanatory, pretty cool to check out live.  The last is The Arboretum, you know, nature shit.  Great place to get back to neutral before the activities that will partake in your Saturday debauchery.

Lion Shrine



The Deli:  Who doesn’t want to roll to a place called, The Deli.  I’m rolling in here making sure my back is to the wall and my eyes on everything.  AKA the food that people are ordering, this isn’t the 1920s and don’t have a track record.  Looks like an iconic place you NEED to visit when you roll to town this weekend.


Mad Mex:  My last couple blogs have had Mexican restaurants mentioned.  So this is a given.  Who doesn’t want a margarita on a weekend getaway?  Or Tacos? Or Tequila and Tacos?  Has a Patio and a Bar.  Seriously, tacos, drunk, and weekend.  Don’t know a better match made in Heaven.


Cafe 210 West: Known for their Twisted Teas.  I am a fan of the half and half twisted tea brand.  I feel like John Daly when I have one.  Who wouldn’t want to feel like John Daly at least once in their life?  Patio along with the occasional live band, I would check this place out.


Cafe 210



Allen Street Grill:  This is your Friday night spot.  A little upscale, steak place.  I always love a great meal before Saturday GameDay.  If you want to lay low, and grab a buzz and a phenomenal dinner, make a reservation.


Breakfast Spots: (Possible new topic on the blog)

DOWNTOWN will be crazy, especially with GameDay in town against the Wolverines.

Pro TIP from MG:  Grabbing a coffee (remember FIND A GATORADE, will change your morning, grab coffee if you want, Jerry) and breakfast sandwich at Mclanahans.  Avoiding lives at Irvings (bagel place) sit down and sit down diners like the Waffle Shop. (Different from Waffle House people, have another.)



Afternoon Game Bars:

Primanti Brothers:  From a restaurant out of Pittsburgh, that replaced GMan (a beloved PSU bar) SHOUTOUT…I would check this place out, not only for it’s history, but if you don’t have a place to tailgate? Why not?

Champs:  Brand NEW!  Best TV set up in town.  There are bars all over the country called Champs, but this I believe is independently owned which is always better.  Probably a great spot to cover your bets during the afternoon.



Phyrst:  Umm…. Order the Fries.  If someone I trust with my life, tells me to go to a bar, not a restaurant, to order fries, you better believe I will order fucking fries before I order a drink. BELIEVE IT.

The Den:  Sounds Awesome.  The Den.  Great DJ and grind session you want to get on with a rando, your wife, significant other and/or personal favorite beverage.  You know what you like when you drink, you’ll be sure to stop in here for a quick drink or grind session for sure.

The Skeller:  Im intimated, one of the OLDEST bars in State College.  If you’re visiting, you have to stop by.  If you don’t, thats like going to church and praying for the devil.  It just doesn’t make sense.  There isn’t a point of being there.  There is a reason it’s one of the longest tenured bars in State College.  Visit, get drunk and have the time of your life.

Liberty Craft house:  Craft Beers.  I get it, America is switching over to craft beers and not buying the originals anymore.  I am a fan of IPAs, trust me!  But if it wasn’t for Budweiser, these fuckers wouldn’t even be around.  As much as I love a double IPA, sometimes I want an ice cold Budweiser.  Support the local breweries, but remember, they wouldn’t have shit if it wasn’t for Anheuser-Busch.  RESPECT.


Ok, to finish up this Harry Potter book of a blog, I will explain my situation when I visited.  The girl I was visiting wasn’t feeling like going out after Ohio State beat them in town, so she asked if it was ok to watch football on their sorority owned TV and relax.  I said sure no problem, I probably shouldn’t keep drinking. (I continued obviously).  She then continued to explain that there was a black box blocking half of the TV screen and its been like this for a year and a half, they’re working to replace the TV soon.



Apparently according to her, I could have had some fun with a few of her female friends because of the magical act I performed on the television that is also called, common sense.  Due to GameDay festivities, I was never able to partake.  I then became a legend at the sorority but also a mystery to most of them.

This was one of my favorite campuses to visit, through and through.  If you get a chance, you wont be disappointed.

Have fun, lets see where GameDay takes us next weekend.


Nick Stan TTT


GameDay coming to Happy Valley

GameDay is heading to Happy Valley this weekend.  I have visited Penn State and it was a shit show to be exact.  Ill explain in my next blog, on what to do when visiting State College, PA.


Penn State


Trust me, if you get a chance, go this weekend.  Harbaugh in town against the Nittany Lions.  Penn State won’t disappoint.  This stadium is second to the Big house, its a site to see LIVE.


Check back Thursday Evening with what to do when visiting this weekend!

Nick Stan TTT

GameDay at the QUAD!



So. Many. Emotions.  I am currently depressed, I didn’t post last night, because if you’re anywhere near the Nations Capital, you know what happened.  Fuckin Weiters, and Gio threw a fuckin wild pitch like he was la loosh in Bull Durham. Fuck. Live look at me during the entire game last night below.



JMU, football is #1 again and sits on top of the D1-AA world.  Does this give them credibility to make it to D1-A?  Not so sure, probably not.  I’m still waiting for them to call up Nick Saban, and say “You a Bitch, come to Harrisonburg and we’ll show you what it means to Roll Tide.”  Now I hate Alabama, trust me, I’d rather have a couple root canals and a vasectomy at the same time than root for that fuck.  If he ever brought the Tide to Harrisonburg, JMU would become the new Appalachian State. He’d likely make some excuse about not listening to the right Rolling Stones song, but fuck it.  Can’t wait till he and Bama get exposed, Pitino style.   (Way too much shit talking on a team that we’re supposed to not be focusing on) Fuck Alabama.




Sorry rant over, but seriously, fuck Saban.


Ok, I’ve been to H-Burg a handful of times.  Whoa, hope you like drinking, eating, and intercourse (its 2017 so whichever  side you hit from is fine…but I strongly recommend staying with or switching to women at least on this campus, HOLY HOTTIES).  Stay ON the sidewalks people, this is if you’re getting lit at a house party which is what JMU is known for.   They hand out Drunk in Publics like Radford hands out STDs. So while on campus and around the Football Stadium, everything needs to be in a cup and nothing visible.  Harrisonburg Police and ABC, like to ruin everyone’s weekend because they didn’t get laid in college, and had to pay for ass.  I’m PRO cop but, come on, this is college and unless you see someone passed out naked, I’m pretty sure they’ll be ok.




Wish more college cops were like this guy:



Alright, You get to Harrisonburg, let’s get down with what to do!


QUAD: The GameDay bus shows up 5:30pm Thursday night (probably after this is posted) not going to be as crowded, if you want a picture with the BUS, I would show up. The bus is pretty cool and the bus driver is a stud.   Ask him the best person (Bill Murray) and worst person he’s met (I’ll let him reveal that). Classic! (Post Thursday, BUS will be down by the QUAD so check it out!)


Campus:  Exit 245 off of I-81 South.  You can’t miss it, if you do, you’re blind and shouldn’t be behind a wheel.  Get down to the main campus, absolutely beautiful, another staple in Virginia.  4th President of the United States of America, Greatest Country in the World.  Founding Father, has a University named after him and it’s only an hour and a half away from OUR Nation’s Capital.  Trust me, check this place out.  It will not disappoint.  Make sure to grab some purple gear, I’m sure you forgot something, you forgetful fuck!


Probably hard to do because of GameDay: John C. Wells Planetarium:  They have shows on Saturday, which obviously you’ll be drinking for the game. BUT if not, check this place out, who doesn’t ever think about Space?  Area 51, REAL. Aliens, REAL.  Simple fact, we can’t see more than 3% of our galaxy, that reaches to Pluto, WAY THE FUCK out there. Would take like 76,000 years to get to, and tha’ts 3% away. Carry the ONE people.


Restaurants: JMU is off a major Highway, there is more if you look around, I’m giving some better suggestions than McDonalds, hint: Tilted Kilt……… But for more regular suggestions:


Top Pick: Jack Browns:  You like burgers?  Get your ass here!  I recommend the Shocker!  Great Beer selection along with freshly cooked burgers, you cannot go wrong.  Take my word for it. 2nd on the list, the Elvis…don’t let the peanut butter scare you, fucking delicious.


Local Chop & Grill House:  You want steak for dinner before the big game on Saturday, this is where you want to eat.  Dining room is open after 5pm, which means they’re legit.  Don’t need you lunch fucks.  Great drinks, money steaks, and football! Come out, but good luck getting a table.


Campus Food: Top 10 in the country, if you’re son or daughter goes to JMU, they will know which spots are the best, but if its top 10? Rack up that Campus Card, then get drunk and blame it on your child, including your miserable marriage.


Daves Taverna:  DRUNK FOOD.  Who doesn’t want drunk food? Pretty much come here for the whole time, or just a beer and some munchies, if you want this in the morning, you’re a rookie.  Place to watch the game as well but like I said, usually a one and done thing if you want food!


Benny Sorrentinos:  Pizza, 28”. Slice is 14”.  Simple easy and gets the job done! Beers as well, or Diet Dr. Pepper, personal favorite, with a swig of an IPA.




Billy Jacks Wing and Drink Shack:  You want to get drunk, come here.  I mean, it’s the ultimate college dive bar.  I had great memories here, I’ve been sober, and drunk here.  Yea, imagine that night…..I’m talking about the sober night, worst night of my life.  You want to be sober and come to a college town, church is on Sunday Morning, go see a movie.


Clementines:  I remember this place…… On second thought, I remember fucking nothing, other than being told I was in this bar the entire night.  If that doesn’t help with what the situation here, you shouldn’t be drinking, or doing such things…… as life in general.


Finigans Cove: Umm, just a college bar, go here if you never got laid in college and want see what you could have been. I feel bad for you, but it’s a popular place, and if you’re over the age of 25, I’m assuming you’d rather be here than at a block party with no one you know and everyone under the age of 25, but I guarantee you, the scene will be better at the block party, by a mile and a half, sorry bro!




You know this place is tits (literally) for GameDay to be at the Quad for the 2nd year in a row.  I suggest heading to the Quad and set up your tailgate early, the atmosphere will be poppin!  Everyone will be in good spirits!! If you’re there, bring enough beer, ice and food! Water is optional.  (JK, bring water, actually being serious for once).  Have fun and enjoy Harrisonburg, it’s never let me down!


Fuck the spread, put your money on the Dukes, or DC sports to never make a conference championship for the next 45 years. Then let it ride, you’ll be rollin like Warren Buffett.



Thanks guys, see you all next week!

Nick Stan TTT

P.S. Fuck Alabama, and DC Sports, till like April.

GameDay in Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth, Texas.  Everything is bigger in Texas, LITERALLY.  With the student population of only around 11,000, it’s going to look like the largest crowd yet.
Since GameDay hasn’t been in purple and white country for 8 years, I believe the town and alumni will show up for the bout between the Frogs and the Mountaineers.  GameDay is in Texas, and “in Texas, football is a religion.” Name that movie!
So lets get down to what to do:
First of all, if you don’t like Coach Taylor and Friday Night Lights, fuck off. Seriously, don’t fucking read anything I write. Texas Forever. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose. Now get lost. Except for you Principal Taylor, you can stay.
Tami Taylor
Got two high school football games that are a must to check out in Fort Worth on Friday evening.  If you’ve never been to Texas, high school football is like the Green Bay Packers on a Sunday – the town literally shuts down for the game and everyone you know is there.  The stadiums are the size of D1-AAA football stadiums, if not bigger.  Hence the phrase “Friday Night Lights.”
V.R. Eaton (2-2) @ Boswell (4-0) Conference Game.  7pm (Best Choice)
Wyatt (4-0) @ Arlington Heights (1-3) Conference Game. 7:30pm
Silver Fox Steakhouse: Place is fancy, if you’re looking for that kind of thing for a great dinner before the debauchery that will be Saturday…’Merica Fare
Buffalo Bros:  Sports Bar, you know the deal if you’re a sports guy.  Subs, Pizza, Sports.  If you’re a Buffalo, NY sports fan, this place is for you… by the way, I feel terrible for your horrible streak in, well, everything.  Except Rob Ray, still my favorite Saber of all time, guy has a fuckin’ rule named after him… ‘Merica Fare.
Dutch’s Hamburgers: Named after longtime TCU coach, Dutch Meyer. I don’t think I need to explain what goes on here, but, if you wave the American Flag like I do, you should stop in here and have a good ole Chili Cheese Burger… ‘Merica Fare.
Salsa Limon Universidad: Mexican food, because, well, they border the state of Texas. Plus it was National Taco day on Wednesday, which means us as Americans in this beautiful, free, country of the US of A, can celebrate all week if we want… Mexicana.
Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken:  Need I say more than “Fried Chicken?” But I’m gonna and say “World Famous.” They’re all over, so if you know about it, you’ll be there.  ALERT: Everything cooked in peanut oil.  Fried Chicken aka… ‘Merica Fare.
Woodshed Smokehouse: BBQ, BBQ, BBQ.  Nothing I love more than BBQ, and you’re in Texas. They know what they’re doing.
University Pub:  Dive Bar.  Nothing better than a good dive bar, especially when you don’t want to go to a crowded place… haha good luck this weekend. This place will be packed as well.  Darts, pool, TVs, and obviously lots of alcohol.  Nothing more to explain here.
The Aardvark: LIVE MUSIC, Thurs-Saturday.  Might be metal music, but it’s LIVE, so sit for a beer and roll.
Whiskey Rose Saloon:  Science-Themed comfort food? What the fuck is that? I was sold at whiskey.
The Bottom Bar and Grill: Patio, don’t need to add more here other than it has a patio. An evening or day drinking before the big game outside, there is nothing better.  Great beers on tap.
Fred’s Texas Cafe: AGAIN, LIVE MUSIC, should be a lot of it down there, but not as much as Austin or Nashville. I would check this place out for the beers and outdoor seating.
Moon: Because who doesn’t want to go to the fuckin’ moon while partying?
Stockyards Championship Rodeo: If you’re in Texas, might as well check out a rodeo!
TCU: I’m always a big fan of checking out each college campus I visit; I have yet to go here but have heard great things. Veterans Plaza, TCU Commons, and a pretty cool coffee shop I believe near campus called Stay Wired, apparently helps with technology and phone repair and open 24/7 during finals.
Jerry World: Dallas Cowboy Stadium, it looks like a spaceship.  It’s like a 30 minute drive, but if you got time, check it out.
I think this is going to be a great game.  I believe TCU will prevail, but just with them both being new to the Big XII and GameDay, it could bring some nerves.
Notable Alumni:
John Davis: Billionaire… That’s with a B Founded 1-800 Flowers…. lucky fuck.
Winthrop Paul Rockefeller: Ummm, he’s a Rockefeller, I envy this fuck, unless you have a daughter, around 28-30, single and likes degenerate gentleman who are kind but love sports, alcohol, and threesomes.
Rod Roddy: LEGEND. I cannot fathom the take this guy had on my childhood.  All I watched was The Price is Right.  During the summers growing up, I used to wake up about 11am and it was just starting.  Classic announcer, passed away way too young at the age of 66. RIP.
Jake Arrieta:  Pitcher for the Chicago Cubs, great guy, lost his stuff I think, but hey, won a World Series for the Cubs after 109 years.
Andy Dalton: Red rocket.
Bob Lilly: NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Chris Carter said by far it’s better to be in the Hall of Fame than win a Super Bowl.  I agree.
LaDainian Tomlinson: RB for the Chargers forever, 2006 NFL MVP.  He was lights out for a couple years.  Always a fan of his shaded visor.
Over/Under: 67.5, Yes, who doesn’t want the over, ever?
Spread: TCU -13.5, I would say take WVU. I think they can stay within.
The class of 2020 will be the first time TCU FEMALE ratio to guys will be BELOW 60%……  I went to George Maosn like a fuckin’ IDIOT…..
Nick Stan TTT

Horned Frog Country, Ft. Worth, Texas

From what I saw on College Gameday in Blacksburg, Im not sure if that will be topped.  Even Herbstreit said, This is the loudest crowd this year.  I believe the Earthquake meter was set off during Enter Sandman, I was jumping from afar but it looked INSANE.

Ft. Worth hasn’t seen the gang for 8 years, but that could bring some pressure to the Horned Frogs, come kickoff.

See my post on October 5th, on what to do if you’re heading to Gameday.

Nick Stan TTT

Blacksburg, VA

Before we start talking about this great college town, I need to say RIP to Hugh Hefner, an icon, entrepreneur, and outright stud.  A quote I saw earlier, where the phrase “he’s in a better place now”, might not be true… See: Playboy Mansion

Blacksburg…… simply indescribable. It’ll be October Eve, the leaves are turning Virginia Tech colors, its a scene everyone needs to personally experience.  Not to mention, College GameDay will be there.  For reasons I care not to share, I cannot attend, (still hungover from the last time I visited) but I’ve been there more than enough times to tell you where to go and what to do.

Campus: Get there early; Bring sunglasses, your head will be on a SWIVAL this weekend, that goes for chicks too, if you’re in to that kind of thing. If you’re a real mensch you’ll be there Thursday night to check in to your hotel or Airbnb because Friday and Saturday are going to be long days. Friday, get up early and walk to campus, it’s a BEAUTIFUL site. The architecture of the buildings are like I’ve never seen before.  The drill field is wide open filled with students from all around the world. If their professors are cool, there won’t be any school – so hopefully everyone is just out relaxing or throwing around a football. The spirit will be unmatched this weekend, as this will be the first time GameDay has been back to Blacksburg in a decade. Crew members will be all over getting the stage ready for showtime. Bookstore is a must! Need gear? Forgot your koozie? Get it here! Yes this blog promotes drinking, ESPECIALLY in college towns… just don’t drive.


-Top of the Stairs: Also known as TOTS, this is probably the most popular bar at VT, mostly known for their drink called the Rail – have one, or two, but after that, you’re on your own. Surprised I didn’t get kicked out and thrown to jail after I projectile puked on the bar during my one of many visits… but for once it wasn’t my fault, someone put a cigarette out in my beer. Long day of drinking in Blacksburg, so I chose beer for this outing.

-Big Al’s: I almost bought this place, 2nd most popular bar in the town, but then again, glad I didn’t, the place is way to packed for my liking. On this weekend, it might actually collapse because the best bar is upstairs, GOOD LUCK walking down if you decide to partake in your entire evening here.

-Hokie House: umm $2 doubles from 7-9……. I don’t think I need to state anything more here. Great beer selection and will be bumpin on Gameday.

-Sharkeys: great spot for a lighter crowd, kinda, but the best spot to maybe get a seat to sit down and eat if you aren’t going to the game.  Decent food.

-Champs: this place is more known by the townies, but you’ll have some action in there as this will be a busy weekend.


-Bull & Bones Brewhaus: this place is MONEY! Lots of TVs, billiards, and the food is great, awesome place for dinner Thursday or Friday night. American fare.

-El Rods: College students rave about this place, great happy hour and food. Mexican Style.

-Boudreauxs: Right near downtown bars, great spot for breakfast, but prepare to wait. Cajan.

-Chipotle: ………. I mean if you’re desperate and want to get something quick to eat before heading to the bars. Plus they have margaritas. Ebola.

Late Night:

-Benny Marzano’s: All they have is a 28″ pizza, and can get it by the slice or pie, so you figure it out. The line will be out the door and around the corner by 12, and if VT prevails and beats the Clemson Tigers, GOOD LUCK

-DP Doughs: umm been here once with a vegetarian, and she ate meat and felt sick the next day, but thats because she doesn’t eat meat ever and isn’t human, place is decent if you like calzones.


The Inn at Virginia Tech

Hilton Garden inn Blacksburg

Main Street Inn

Holiday Inn Express

Courtyard by Marriott Blacksburg

Never stayed in one because I’ve always had a place to stay.  I would also check out Airbnb especially if you’re only going for one night.  Most of my friends stay in those hotels, said everything was fine.

Drunk Tank Stories:

-One of a my friends, fell to the bottom of the stairs at TOTS and hung out with Blacksburg’s Finest.

-A girl friend of mines 21st birthday, 3 drunk in publics and 1 assault on Blacksburg Finest.

The Town will be ROCKING, starting tonight.  If you’re lucky to attend or if you’re attending school there, have fun, be safe, party and be RESPONSIBLE.

Clemson favored by 7.5, Take Tech on this, trust me.

+/- on the game is 50, TAKE THE OVER

+/- on how many drinks you have this weekend, also 50, OVER is a LOCK

+/- on how many drinks I have this weekend, 75 but I’m also off Friday and Monday, OVER IS A LOCK


Track The Tailgate


Welcome to Track the Tailgate!

There is nothing I love more than a good sporting event. Whether it’s a NCAA Division III baseball game or the NFL Super Bowl, each event will have its own uniqueness and excitement.

But let’s be serious… if your son has a DIII baseball game and you have tickets in the nose bleeds to the Super Bowl with Detroit playing Jacksonville, and you decide the baseball game will be better… I now lack your intelligence as a human being. If you get a chance to go to the SUPER BOWL, you go. Yes, it is your son’s baseball game, but it’s probably the third game of the season, and your son won’t give a shit.

Anyways, back to the real reason I’m here… Track the Tailgate is here to give you the best places to eat, drink, sleep, and explore while you’re visiting cities around the country for sporting events!

First up is following around College GameDay. This weekend, the Clemson Tigers roll into Blacksburg to face Virginia Tech in Lane Stadium at 8pm on Saturday night. I’ve visited Virginia Tech, my best friends went to VT, and I’m pretty sure 10 years ago when I used to visit, if there were cell phones with the social media we have now, there would be some legal action due to too many Rails at TOTS.

Come back for my post tomorrow 9/28 which we’ll share Blacksburg’s finest – what to check out, where to eat and drink, and where the best places are to watch GameDay!

Nick Stan TTT