The Iron Bowl

If you have read my previous content you know I hate Nick Saban and Alabama more than Trump hates Big Baller Brand.  The last time College GameDay visited the Iron Bowl………

Hey Nick Saban……


This was seriously the best thing I’ve ever seen in a College Football game….. To happen at Auburn against Alabama….. Fucking amazing. War Eagle.

Shout out to Juli for hooking me up with what to do, and if you have ever seen her drink, you know that this is all correct.


What to do:



The Hound: Bottomless mimosas……. Don’t really need to add more here other than it has really good burgers.  Atmosphere is bumping, like an old saloon feel.  Sunday’s are going to be packed, but it’s worth the wait.


Auburn Hotel: Brunch, Buffett style, fantastic as fuck.  Who doesn’t want brunch buffet style?  I go back for 2nd’s like 7 times, I like bacon on my bacon.





Momma Goldbergs:  This is where you want to visit if you get to Auburn.  Make sure you go to the one on Magnolia, that’s the original and it’s awesome.   Sit outside on the deck and drink your ass off in front of Jordan-Hare stadium.   Get the Dorito’s Nacho or Cool ranch with pepper jack cheese and jalapeño’s.

Sky Bar:  Biggest bar in the SEC, around 6 bars inside, each room has a different type of music.  Massive projection screen on the rooftop showing all the games.  You can get late night food here as well, get your bump and grind off in this spot.





Moe’s Original BBQ:  Get the Mac and cheese, and North Carolina BBQ.  Massive fake boomer trees in the middle and have bushwhackers……Try a frosty with rum, get the floater if you’re American and hate Alabama.

ACRE: Great quality farm to table food.  Great spot to bring your parents that pay for your ass to become an alcoholic at.  Say how you have all As, and not really looking for girls/guys, just trying to get an education, but really you are …..

Pannie Georges: Southern food fix. Older southern ladies serving you Mac and cheese, potatoes, okra, and everything else.  Im assuming they have gravy, in honor of Thanksgiving, POUR IT ON EVERYTHING.

Toomers Corner: Try the Lemonade and get THE ICE CREAM.


Hamilton’s: Fancy good food!  Charles Barkley bought the whole bar a shot one night, not entirely sure if it was only once.  Get the steak, best part of Auburn.

Late Night:

Little Italy:  Late night Pizza and pitchers…… Long line at night but its worth it, and if you’re trying to get laid, buy a fuckin slice with the girl/guy you’re chatting up.  Cheap ass.


Miami went down at #2, I will tell you this, Auburn will be bringing THE RAIN tomorrow.  They hate Alabama has much as I do, if not worse.  If I had millions of dollars to just throw around, I would put $1,000,000 on Auburn to beat Alabama.  Bama is favored by 4.5…..




What a fucking dick…….

War Eagle! I will take the over (45) and Auburn to win straight up.

Have fun tomorrow FUCK BAMA.


Nick Stan TTT



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