Madison, WI….. Cheese Country

It’s been over a year since College GameDay has visited cheese country.  Last year they visited for the #2 Ohio State match up, that led to a Buckeye victory in OT.



Now they head back for #5 Wisconsin against #25 Michigan.   Michigan has two losses this year, Penn State and their state rival Michigan State.  THIS DOESN’T MEAN SHIT.  Michigan is coming to Madison, to stop their undefeated season, because after this, the Badgers have Minnesota….They know Hockey, not football.


Let’s get down on what to do:


Dinner Friday night:

Tornado Steak House:  I’ve always been intrigued by the storm, even though I know it could do some serious damage and cause serious harm.  Twister was one of my childhood movies, and Helen Hunt still has a place in my heart.  I would check this place out, mainly because of the menu, but it’s also open till 1am.  This place fucks.





The Old Fashioned: Not the whisky drink you drunk!  This place is where you want to be for breakfast/brunch.  Alcohol and eggs is the best way to kick off GameDay.  Unfortunately I cannot partake due to my current career choice, but don’t you worry, come late evening, I make a stiff one and sit my ass in front of two tv’s each with college football on.  Regardless, nothing is better than breakfast, alcohol and college football.



HOPCAT:  Crack Fries.  If you need any more words than those two, then you shouldn’t be reading this blog.  Also beers, TVs, burgers and College Football.




Dexters Pub:  Waffle Fries, Chic-fil-A perfected them, but also down to try from all over the country.  I suggest these.  Another great spot to watch the games and drink all day.


ANY BAR in Madison, will be packed this weekend to see the outcome, be there, get drunk and watch Saturday madness.


Sites to see:

Only thing I think to see if you haven’t ever been to Washington DC, is the Wisconsin State Capital building…. Built exactly like the US Capital in DC.  So take a gander if you will if you’ve never been to DC and want to see what it looks like, or just use google images, same fucking thing.


This is the last week of official WHERE is college GameDay going.  If you think about it, next week is rivalry week.  I want to bet all my money (not very much) that they will be at Auburn for the Iron Bowl against Nick Saben and the cheaters people announce Alabama.  Then it goes to the playoffs and the final, then continues to College Basketball which is, in my opinion, the greatest thing on earth next to College Football.  SO this will not be the last post.  But I will be very busy the next couple of weeks, so there will be one next week.  We will then try to make this a weekly section of all sports in different areas and the best place to be.  Pretty much will be calling up Marlins Man…..  BUT lets not forget 2013….. Shall we….


Seriously, the best thing I saw in all of College Football that year.


Thanks Everyone!

Nick Stan TTT



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