Catholics vs Convicts

College GameDay is taking their talent to South Beach for the Notre Dame (8-1) vs Miami (9-0) game.

This rivalry goes beyond their 2017 records.  If the season ended today, Notre Dame has a shot at the College Football playoff, Miami does not.  Fuckin ruthless.

If you get a chance, check out the 30 for 30 called Catholics vs. Convicts.  1988 College Football game against these two teams where Notre Dame came out on top 31-30.  Notre Dame went on to win the National Title.  Miami is looking for revenge.



So, let’s get down on what to do if you’re heading to Cuban Country.  Miami is a BIG ASS City, I am only going to put a couple of spots downtown South Beach, Hollywood and a spot in Ft. Lauderdale.  Been to all of them, great spots, great food, ALCOHOL.


The Clevelander: THIS. IS. THE. SPOT. If you want to have a good time, you need to get your ass to the Clevelander.  They have everything but mostly the 2 key things, HOT CHICKS and ALCOHOL.  Not only are the patrons hot, but the wait staff?? Daddy Know?? This place will make you want to live in Miami.  I bet Jeter has a running tab here, since their’s a second location in left field of Miami Marlin’s stadium.




Oceans Ten:  Again, margaritas are my thing.  This place has a margarita that is for 2.  We sat and hung out for a couple of hours when we visited.  I personally bought a shot for myself and Pauly D, not sure if I made it on the show, nor did I really watch it but cameras were around so I said fuck it when he came to order a drink next to me.  Place is ok but its NEXT door to the Clevelander so, perfect drunk walk.

Prime 112:  I’ve mentioned before that a great meal before a long weekend is much-needed.  I highly recommend Prime 112, best steaks in south beach.  Who doesn’t want a large ass steak, mashed potatoes, some sort of green good shit, and a glass of vino before a College GameDay weekend? If you don’t, go grab a taco from a taco stand and tell me how many Don Jon’s you find clean on Saturday…..



Joe’s Stone Crab:  Joe’s is still a Miami staple.  Despite recent expansions to different markets, there is still nothing like the original.   Unless you plan sitting at the bar for a while you wait (which is never a bad idea) you might want to make reservations.  If you’re looking for shell-fish, this is your place.



Le Tub: Unbelievable view, food and frozen drinks.  I have spent countless hours at this place.  With the view of the canal, it’s a place where if you were to have problems, they go away. QUICK.  I drank a lot of alcohol here, danced to songs and sang the shit out of Glory Days by The Boss.  Please check this place out! It won’t disappoint.




Ft. Lauderdale:

Rocco’s Tacos:  Again, Mexican Fare.  Tequila on top of your tequila.  This place has over 400 different types of Tequila’s.  Met aka saw, George Clooney here when he was promoting his new Tequila brand that is worth over $1 Billion dollars. Also saw John Favreau, did not know he directed Iron Man and Iron Man 2, along with Elf!  Legend.  Check this place out, top-notch Mexican place.  You will have a drunk, I mean great, time.




Pretty much Miami is already going to be a shit show.  Go anywhere on the strip where the Clevelander is, you’ll have a great time.  You might even pass out naked on the beach.  If you’re at the nude beach, you’re good! If not, you’ll be hanging out with the locals, and if you ever read BroBible, Florida is not a good spot for locals.  See Bath Salts.


Have fun and I am rooting for the Irish, as I enjoy a weekend with a couple of Alumni every year and it’s a show!  Regardless it will be a great game!

Remember safe sex and drinking! Lonely Fuck!

Nick Stan TTT









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