Stillwater, Where Oklahoma Began.

There may be still water in Oklahoma but the taps and liquor are flowing.  Welcome to Oklahoma State nation.




Is there anything better than Mike Gundy’s mullet?  Merica’. He is also pretty sensitive to some comments made by the media.  So choose your words wisely:


“IM A MAN, IM 40” might be the best quotes of all time.

I’ve never been near Tornado Ally, but I got a couple of places to check out when visiting Stillwater this weekend.



Just Wafflin:

I love waffles as much as I love the name of this restaurant.  If I was driving down the highway and saw this place, watch out, I’m coming in faster than Rick Pitino in an Italian restaurant.

Granny’s Kitchen:

They have everything, but stick to the breakfast.  Who doesn’t love breakfast more than Granny, and it seems to be that she’s cooking it!  Cant lose here.



Tokyo Pot:

So….. I’m not a big Sushi fan.  But I heard this place is the BOMB.  Not a fan of Yelp, but #1 rated, can’t go wrong here.  Sushi is everyone’s favorite, I am a fan of the Fogcutter.  If they happen to have this drink on the menu, have two, see where the night takes you.  (might be the moon or jail)



The Garage Burgers and Beer:

This place is every sports man/women dream. Tons of TVs, burgers and beers.  Knowing my degenerate self, I would post up here at 11am and not leave till last call.  Placing bets, drinking beers and eating a slew of burgers throughout the day.  Over/under $200+bar tab, OVER.




Fuzzy’s Taco Shop:

I told you, Mexican is my go to.  They have brunch too!  Tequila always gets a party started, so do tacos and hot sauce.  If you know me, ill be sneaking over here if my crew doesn’t want to, for at least a margarita with a grandma floater and a couple of tacos.



Eskimo Joes:

I love the name.  This place is legendary to Oklahoma State and everyone knows it.  This place will be the most popular place this weekend. I would try to get here early and stay late, god knows what goes on here in the wee hours of the morning.  Lots of drinking, I know that.


The Stonewall Tavern:

Outdoor bar and shuffle board.  I will own you in shuffle board.  You probably won’t be disappointed if you go to any bar near a college when GameDay is in town.  But I would check this place out and drink a couple of beers then head to a tailgate, or stay all night and get shit canned.


Louie’s Grill and Bar:

Check this place out.  One of the best in cowboy country, and won’t let you down on a GameDay weekend.  Lots of food, TVs and well, alcoholic beverages, because you know you’ll need one or fifty to comprehend what will happen to your liver this weekend in Stillwater.


Places to Visit:

The National Wrestling Hall of Fame: I’m pretty sure this is for the actually sport of wrestling and not the WWE.  Which sucks, love to see Stonecold Steve Austin and the Undertaker plaques.



Campus Fire Station:

Old looking fire station.  Go by and bring some food to the first responders would ya!

The Botanic Garden at Oklahoma State University:

Nature shit, if you need to clear your mind of the alcoholic consumption you may intake this weekend, and every weekend for the rest of your life.  Alcoholics need a drink…..I already have one.




Let me know if you are headed to Stillwater, OK.  Suggest a place in the comments section!  Have fun this weekend and remember, drink and be happy!

I’m taking the Cowboys, mostly because my roommate is a Sooner fan, so fuck Baker Mayfield.  Big fan of Bob Stoops though, but he’s not the ol’ ball coach anymore (visor reference; Steve Spurrier is the original ol’ ball coach but Bob Stoops was the one who carried on the visor tradition).


Nick Stan TTT





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