GameDay in Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth, Texas.  Everything is bigger in Texas, LITERALLY.  With the student population of only around 11,000, it’s going to look like the largest crowd yet.
Since GameDay hasn’t been in purple and white country for 8 years, I believe the town and alumni will show up for the bout between the Frogs and the Mountaineers.  GameDay is in Texas, and “in Texas, football is a religion.” Name that movie!
So lets get down to what to do:
First of all, if you don’t like Coach Taylor and Friday Night Lights, fuck off. Seriously, don’t fucking read anything I write. Texas Forever. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose. Now get lost. Except for you Principal Taylor, you can stay.
Tami Taylor
Got two high school football games that are a must to check out in Fort Worth on Friday evening.  If you’ve never been to Texas, high school football is like the Green Bay Packers on a Sunday – the town literally shuts down for the game and everyone you know is there.  The stadiums are the size of D1-AAA football stadiums, if not bigger.  Hence the phrase “Friday Night Lights.”
V.R. Eaton (2-2) @ Boswell (4-0) Conference Game.  7pm (Best Choice)
Wyatt (4-0) @ Arlington Heights (1-3) Conference Game. 7:30pm
Silver Fox Steakhouse: Place is fancy, if you’re looking for that kind of thing for a great dinner before the debauchery that will be Saturday…’Merica Fare
Buffalo Bros:  Sports Bar, you know the deal if you’re a sports guy.  Subs, Pizza, Sports.  If you’re a Buffalo, NY sports fan, this place is for you… by the way, I feel terrible for your horrible streak in, well, everything.  Except Rob Ray, still my favorite Saber of all time, guy has a fuckin’ rule named after him… ‘Merica Fare.
Dutch’s Hamburgers: Named after longtime TCU coach, Dutch Meyer. I don’t think I need to explain what goes on here, but, if you wave the American Flag like I do, you should stop in here and have a good ole Chili Cheese Burger… ‘Merica Fare.
Salsa Limon Universidad: Mexican food, because, well, they border the state of Texas. Plus it was National Taco day on Wednesday, which means us as Americans in this beautiful, free, country of the US of A, can celebrate all week if we want… Mexicana.
Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken:  Need I say more than “Fried Chicken?” But I’m gonna and say “World Famous.” They’re all over, so if you know about it, you’ll be there.  ALERT: Everything cooked in peanut oil.  Fried Chicken aka… ‘Merica Fare.
Woodshed Smokehouse: BBQ, BBQ, BBQ.  Nothing I love more than BBQ, and you’re in Texas. They know what they’re doing.
University Pub:  Dive Bar.  Nothing better than a good dive bar, especially when you don’t want to go to a crowded place… haha good luck this weekend. This place will be packed as well.  Darts, pool, TVs, and obviously lots of alcohol.  Nothing more to explain here.
The Aardvark: LIVE MUSIC, Thurs-Saturday.  Might be metal music, but it’s LIVE, so sit for a beer and roll.
Whiskey Rose Saloon:  Science-Themed comfort food? What the fuck is that? I was sold at whiskey.
The Bottom Bar and Grill: Patio, don’t need to add more here other than it has a patio. An evening or day drinking before the big game outside, there is nothing better.  Great beers on tap.
Fred’s Texas Cafe: AGAIN, LIVE MUSIC, should be a lot of it down there, but not as much as Austin or Nashville. I would check this place out for the beers and outdoor seating.
Moon: Because who doesn’t want to go to the fuckin’ moon while partying?
Stockyards Championship Rodeo: If you’re in Texas, might as well check out a rodeo!
TCU: I’m always a big fan of checking out each college campus I visit; I have yet to go here but have heard great things. Veterans Plaza, TCU Commons, and a pretty cool coffee shop I believe near campus called Stay Wired, apparently helps with technology and phone repair and open 24/7 during finals.
Jerry World: Dallas Cowboy Stadium, it looks like a spaceship.  It’s like a 30 minute drive, but if you got time, check it out.
I think this is going to be a great game.  I believe TCU will prevail, but just with them both being new to the Big XII and GameDay, it could bring some nerves.
Notable Alumni:
John Davis: Billionaire… That’s with a B Founded 1-800 Flowers…. lucky fuck.
Winthrop Paul Rockefeller: Ummm, he’s a Rockefeller, I envy this fuck, unless you have a daughter, around 28-30, single and likes degenerate gentleman who are kind but love sports, alcohol, and threesomes.
Rod Roddy: LEGEND. I cannot fathom the take this guy had on my childhood.  All I watched was The Price is Right.  During the summers growing up, I used to wake up about 11am and it was just starting.  Classic announcer, passed away way too young at the age of 66. RIP.
Jake Arrieta:  Pitcher for the Chicago Cubs, great guy, lost his stuff I think, but hey, won a World Series for the Cubs after 109 years.
Andy Dalton: Red rocket.
Bob Lilly: NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Chris Carter said by far it’s better to be in the Hall of Fame than win a Super Bowl.  I agree.
LaDainian Tomlinson: RB for the Chargers forever, 2006 NFL MVP.  He was lights out for a couple years.  Always a fan of his shaded visor.
Over/Under: 67.5, Yes, who doesn’t want the over, ever?
Spread: TCU -13.5, I would say take WVU. I think they can stay within.
The class of 2020 will be the first time TCU FEMALE ratio to guys will be BELOW 60%……  I went to George Maosn like a fuckin’ IDIOT…..
Nick Stan TTT

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