Blacksburg, VA

Before we start talking about this great college town, I need to say RIP to Hugh Hefner, an icon, entrepreneur, and outright stud.  A quote I saw earlier, where the phrase “he’s in a better place now”, might not be true… See: Playboy Mansion

Blacksburg…… simply indescribable. It’ll be October Eve, the leaves are turning Virginia Tech colors, its a scene everyone needs to personally experience.  Not to mention, College GameDay will be there.  For reasons I care not to share, I cannot attend, (still hungover from the last time I visited) but I’ve been there more than enough times to tell you where to go and what to do.

Campus: Get there early; Bring sunglasses, your head will be on a SWIVAL this weekend, that goes for chicks too, if you’re in to that kind of thing. If you’re a real mensch you’ll be there Thursday night to check in to your hotel or Airbnb because Friday and Saturday are going to be long days. Friday, get up early and walk to campus, it’s a BEAUTIFUL site. The architecture of the buildings are like I’ve never seen before.  The drill field is wide open filled with students from all around the world. If their professors are cool, there won’t be any school – so hopefully everyone is just out relaxing or throwing around a football. The spirit will be unmatched this weekend, as this will be the first time GameDay has been back to Blacksburg in a decade. Crew members will be all over getting the stage ready for showtime. Bookstore is a must! Need gear? Forgot your koozie? Get it here! Yes this blog promotes drinking, ESPECIALLY in college towns… just don’t drive.


-Top of the Stairs: Also known as TOTS, this is probably the most popular bar at VT, mostly known for their drink called the Rail – have one, or two, but after that, you’re on your own. Surprised I didn’t get kicked out and thrown to jail after I projectile puked on the bar during my one of many visits… but for once it wasn’t my fault, someone put a cigarette out in my beer. Long day of drinking in Blacksburg, so I chose beer for this outing.

-Big Al’s: I almost bought this place, 2nd most popular bar in the town, but then again, glad I didn’t, the place is way to packed for my liking. On this weekend, it might actually collapse because the best bar is upstairs, GOOD LUCK walking down if you decide to partake in your entire evening here.

-Hokie House: umm $2 doubles from 7-9……. I don’t think I need to state anything more here. Great beer selection and will be bumpin on Gameday.

-Sharkeys: great spot for a lighter crowd, kinda, but the best spot to maybe get a seat to sit down and eat if you aren’t going to the game.  Decent food.

-Champs: this place is more known by the townies, but you’ll have some action in there as this will be a busy weekend.


-Bull & Bones Brewhaus: this place is MONEY! Lots of TVs, billiards, and the food is great, awesome place for dinner Thursday or Friday night. American fare.

-El Rods: College students rave about this place, great happy hour and food. Mexican Style.

-Boudreauxs: Right near downtown bars, great spot for breakfast, but prepare to wait. Cajan.

-Chipotle: ………. I mean if you’re desperate and want to get something quick to eat before heading to the bars. Plus they have margaritas. Ebola.

Late Night:

-Benny Marzano’s: All they have is a 28″ pizza, and can get it by the slice or pie, so you figure it out. The line will be out the door and around the corner by 12, and if VT prevails and beats the Clemson Tigers, GOOD LUCK

-DP Doughs: umm been here once with a vegetarian, and she ate meat and felt sick the next day, but thats because she doesn’t eat meat ever and isn’t human, place is decent if you like calzones.


The Inn at Virginia Tech

Hilton Garden inn Blacksburg

Main Street Inn

Holiday Inn Express

Courtyard by Marriott Blacksburg

Never stayed in one because I’ve always had a place to stay.  I would also check out Airbnb especially if you’re only going for one night.  Most of my friends stay in those hotels, said everything was fine.

Drunk Tank Stories:

-One of a my friends, fell to the bottom of the stairs at TOTS and hung out with Blacksburg’s Finest.

-A girl friend of mines 21st birthday, 3 drunk in publics and 1 assault on Blacksburg Finest.

The Town will be ROCKING, starting tonight.  If you’re lucky to attend or if you’re attending school there, have fun, be safe, party and be RESPONSIBLE.

Clemson favored by 7.5, Take Tech on this, trust me.

+/- on the game is 50, TAKE THE OVER

+/- on how many drinks you have this weekend, also 50, OVER is a LOCK

+/- on how many drinks I have this weekend, 75 but I’m also off Friday and Monday, OVER IS A LOCK



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