The Iron Bowl

If you have read my previous content you know I hate Nick Saban and Alabama more than Trump hates Big Baller Brand.  The last time College GameDay visited the Iron Bowl………

Hey Nick Saban……


This was seriously the best thing I’ve ever seen in a College Football game….. To happen at Auburn against Alabama….. Fucking amazing. War Eagle.

Shout out to Juli for hooking me up with what to do, and if you have ever seen her drink, you know that this is all correct.


What to do:



The Hound: Bottomless mimosas……. Don’t really need to add more here other than it has really good burgers.  Atmosphere is bumping, like an old saloon feel.  Sunday’s are going to be packed, but it’s worth the wait.


Auburn Hotel: Brunch, Buffett style, fantastic as fuck.  Who doesn’t want brunch buffet style?  I go back for 2nd’s like 7 times, I like bacon on my bacon.





Momma Goldbergs:  This is where you want to visit if you get to Auburn.  Make sure you go to the one on Magnolia, that’s the original and it’s awesome.   Sit outside on the deck and drink your ass off in front of Jordan-Hare stadium.   Get the Dorito’s Nacho or Cool ranch with pepper jack cheese and jalapeño’s.

Sky Bar:  Biggest bar in the SEC, around 6 bars inside, each room has a different type of music.  Massive projection screen on the rooftop showing all the games.  You can get late night food here as well, get your bump and grind off in this spot.





Moe’s Original BBQ:  Get the Mac and cheese, and North Carolina BBQ.  Massive fake boomer trees in the middle and have bushwhackers……Try a frosty with rum, get the floater if you’re American and hate Alabama.

ACRE: Great quality farm to table food.  Great spot to bring your parents that pay for your ass to become an alcoholic at.  Say how you have all As, and not really looking for girls/guys, just trying to get an education, but really you are …..

Pannie Georges: Southern food fix. Older southern ladies serving you Mac and cheese, potatoes, okra, and everything else.  Im assuming they have gravy, in honor of Thanksgiving, POUR IT ON EVERYTHING.

Toomers Corner: Try the Lemonade and get THE ICE CREAM.


Hamilton’s: Fancy good food!  Charles Barkley bought the whole bar a shot one night, not entirely sure if it was only once.  Get the steak, best part of Auburn.

Late Night:

Little Italy:  Late night Pizza and pitchers…… Long line at night but its worth it, and if you’re trying to get laid, buy a fuckin slice with the girl/guy you’re chatting up.  Cheap ass.


Miami went down at #2, I will tell you this, Auburn will be bringing THE RAIN tomorrow.  They hate Alabama has much as I do, if not worse.  If I had millions of dollars to just throw around, I would put $1,000,000 on Auburn to beat Alabama.  Bama is favored by 4.5…..




What a fucking dick…….

War Eagle! I will take the over (45) and Auburn to win straight up.

Have fun tomorrow FUCK BAMA.


Nick Stan TTT



Madison, WI….. Cheese Country

It’s been over a year since College GameDay has visited cheese country.  Last year they visited for the #2 Ohio State match up, that led to a Buckeye victory in OT.



Now they head back for #5 Wisconsin against #25 Michigan.   Michigan has two losses this year, Penn State and their state rival Michigan State.  THIS DOESN’T MEAN SHIT.  Michigan is coming to Madison, to stop their undefeated season, because after this, the Badgers have Minnesota….They know Hockey, not football.


Let’s get down on what to do:


Dinner Friday night:

Tornado Steak House:  I’ve always been intrigued by the storm, even though I know it could do some serious damage and cause serious harm.  Twister was one of my childhood movies, and Helen Hunt still has a place in my heart.  I would check this place out, mainly because of the menu, but it’s also open till 1am.  This place fucks.





The Old Fashioned: Not the whisky drink you drunk!  This place is where you want to be for breakfast/brunch.  Alcohol and eggs is the best way to kick off GameDay.  Unfortunately I cannot partake due to my current career choice, but don’t you worry, come late evening, I make a stiff one and sit my ass in front of two tv’s each with college football on.  Regardless, nothing is better than breakfast, alcohol and college football.



HOPCAT:  Crack Fries.  If you need any more words than those two, then you shouldn’t be reading this blog.  Also beers, TVs, burgers and College Football.




Dexters Pub:  Waffle Fries, Chic-fil-A perfected them, but also down to try from all over the country.  I suggest these.  Another great spot to watch the games and drink all day.


ANY BAR in Madison, will be packed this weekend to see the outcome, be there, get drunk and watch Saturday madness.


Sites to see:

Only thing I think to see if you haven’t ever been to Washington DC, is the Wisconsin State Capital building…. Built exactly like the US Capital in DC.  So take a gander if you will if you’ve never been to DC and want to see what it looks like, or just use google images, same fucking thing.


This is the last week of official WHERE is college GameDay going.  If you think about it, next week is rivalry week.  I want to bet all my money (not very much) that they will be at Auburn for the Iron Bowl against Nick Saben and the cheaters people announce Alabama.  Then it goes to the playoffs and the final, then continues to College Basketball which is, in my opinion, the greatest thing on earth next to College Football.  SO this will not be the last post.  But I will be very busy the next couple of weeks, so there will be one next week.  We will then try to make this a weekly section of all sports in different areas and the best place to be.  Pretty much will be calling up Marlins Man…..  BUT lets not forget 2013….. Shall we….


Seriously, the best thing I saw in all of College Football that year.


Thanks Everyone!

Nick Stan TTT


Catholics vs Convicts

College GameDay is taking their talent to South Beach for the Notre Dame (8-1) vs Miami (9-0) game.

This rivalry goes beyond their 2017 records.  If the season ended today, Notre Dame has a shot at the College Football playoff, Miami does not.  Fuckin ruthless.

If you get a chance, check out the 30 for 30 called Catholics vs. Convicts.  1988 College Football game against these two teams where Notre Dame came out on top 31-30.  Notre Dame went on to win the National Title.  Miami is looking for revenge.



So, let’s get down on what to do if you’re heading to Cuban Country.  Miami is a BIG ASS City, I am only going to put a couple of spots downtown South Beach, Hollywood and a spot in Ft. Lauderdale.  Been to all of them, great spots, great food, ALCOHOL.


The Clevelander: THIS. IS. THE. SPOT. If you want to have a good time, you need to get your ass to the Clevelander.  They have everything but mostly the 2 key things, HOT CHICKS and ALCOHOL.  Not only are the patrons hot, but the wait staff?? Daddy Know?? This place will make you want to live in Miami.  I bet Jeter has a running tab here, since their’s a second location in left field of Miami Marlin’s stadium.




Oceans Ten:  Again, margaritas are my thing.  This place has a margarita that is for 2.  We sat and hung out for a couple of hours when we visited.  I personally bought a shot for myself and Pauly D, not sure if I made it on the show, nor did I really watch it but cameras were around so I said fuck it when he came to order a drink next to me.  Place is ok but its NEXT door to the Clevelander so, perfect drunk walk.

Prime 112:  I’ve mentioned before that a great meal before a long weekend is much-needed.  I highly recommend Prime 112, best steaks in south beach.  Who doesn’t want a large ass steak, mashed potatoes, some sort of green good shit, and a glass of vino before a College GameDay weekend? If you don’t, go grab a taco from a taco stand and tell me how many Don Jon’s you find clean on Saturday…..



Joe’s Stone Crab:  Joe’s is still a Miami staple.  Despite recent expansions to different markets, there is still nothing like the original.   Unless you plan sitting at the bar for a while you wait (which is never a bad idea) you might want to make reservations.  If you’re looking for shell-fish, this is your place.



Le Tub: Unbelievable view, food and frozen drinks.  I have spent countless hours at this place.  With the view of the canal, it’s a place where if you were to have problems, they go away. QUICK.  I drank a lot of alcohol here, danced to songs and sang the shit out of Glory Days by The Boss.  Please check this place out! It won’t disappoint.




Ft. Lauderdale:

Rocco’s Tacos:  Again, Mexican Fare.  Tequila on top of your tequila.  This place has over 400 different types of Tequila’s.  Met aka saw, George Clooney here when he was promoting his new Tequila brand that is worth over $1 Billion dollars. Also saw John Favreau, did not know he directed Iron Man and Iron Man 2, along with Elf!  Legend.  Check this place out, top-notch Mexican place.  You will have a drunk, I mean great, time.




Pretty much Miami is already going to be a shit show.  Go anywhere on the strip where the Clevelander is, you’ll have a great time.  You might even pass out naked on the beach.  If you’re at the nude beach, you’re good! If not, you’ll be hanging out with the locals, and if you ever read BroBible, Florida is not a good spot for locals.  See Bath Salts.


Have fun and I am rooting for the Irish, as I enjoy a weekend with a couple of Alumni every year and it’s a show!  Regardless it will be a great game!

Remember safe sex and drinking! Lonely Fuck!

Nick Stan TTT








Stillwater, Where Oklahoma Began.

There may be still water in Oklahoma but the taps and liquor are flowing.  Welcome to Oklahoma State nation.




Is there anything better than Mike Gundy’s mullet?  Merica’. He is also pretty sensitive to some comments made by the media.  So choose your words wisely:


“IM A MAN, IM 40” might be the best quotes of all time.

I’ve never been near Tornado Ally, but I got a couple of places to check out when visiting Stillwater this weekend.



Just Wafflin:

I love waffles as much as I love the name of this restaurant.  If I was driving down the highway and saw this place, watch out, I’m coming in faster than Rick Pitino in an Italian restaurant.

Granny’s Kitchen:

They have everything, but stick to the breakfast.  Who doesn’t love breakfast more than Granny, and it seems to be that she’s cooking it!  Cant lose here.



Tokyo Pot:

So….. I’m not a big Sushi fan.  But I heard this place is the BOMB.  Not a fan of Yelp, but #1 rated, can’t go wrong here.  Sushi is everyone’s favorite, I am a fan of the Fogcutter.  If they happen to have this drink on the menu, have two, see where the night takes you.  (might be the moon or jail)



The Garage Burgers and Beer:

This place is every sports man/women dream. Tons of TVs, burgers and beers.  Knowing my degenerate self, I would post up here at 11am and not leave till last call.  Placing bets, drinking beers and eating a slew of burgers throughout the day.  Over/under $200+bar tab, OVER.




Fuzzy’s Taco Shop:

I told you, Mexican is my go to.  They have brunch too!  Tequila always gets a party started, so do tacos and hot sauce.  If you know me, ill be sneaking over here if my crew doesn’t want to, for at least a margarita with a grandma floater and a couple of tacos.



Eskimo Joes:

I love the name.  This place is legendary to Oklahoma State and everyone knows it.  This place will be the most popular place this weekend. I would try to get here early and stay late, god knows what goes on here in the wee hours of the morning.  Lots of drinking, I know that.


The Stonewall Tavern:

Outdoor bar and shuffle board.  I will own you in shuffle board.  You probably won’t be disappointed if you go to any bar near a college when GameDay is in town.  But I would check this place out and drink a couple of beers then head to a tailgate, or stay all night and get shit canned.


Louie’s Grill and Bar:

Check this place out.  One of the best in cowboy country, and won’t let you down on a GameDay weekend.  Lots of food, TVs and well, alcoholic beverages, because you know you’ll need one or fifty to comprehend what will happen to your liver this weekend in Stillwater.


Places to Visit:

The National Wrestling Hall of Fame: I’m pretty sure this is for the actually sport of wrestling and not the WWE.  Which sucks, love to see Stonecold Steve Austin and the Undertaker plaques.



Campus Fire Station:

Old looking fire station.  Go by and bring some food to the first responders would ya!

The Botanic Garden at Oklahoma State University:

Nature shit, if you need to clear your mind of the alcoholic consumption you may intake this weekend, and every weekend for the rest of your life.  Alcoholics need a drink…..I already have one.




Let me know if you are headed to Stillwater, OK.  Suggest a place in the comments section!  Have fun this weekend and remember, drink and be happy!

I’m taking the Cowboys, mostly because my roommate is a Sooner fan, so fuck Baker Mayfield.  Big fan of Bob Stoops though, but he’s not the ol’ ball coach anymore (visor reference; Steve Spurrier is the original ol’ ball coach but Bob Stoops was the one who carried on the visor tradition).


Nick Stan TTT




The Buckeye State

State capital of Ohio: Columbus.  Probably the best place to visit in Ohio.  I would throw Canton up there, to see the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Other than that, pretty shitty state.  I’ve done the drive through Ohio, I-70, nothing gave me a chub, not even a small one.  Except for the hot cop (they have a history) (not the specific hot cop, just in general) that gave me a ticket for going 3 over the speed limit, on a highway.




For GameDay to be rolling in to Columbus for a second time this year is insane.  I have to say, it is not for Ohio State, but for the Nittany Lions.  Best two ranked teams in field for this week.  Also, was completely confused why the game is at 3:30, but the Fall Classic is happening.  Makes sense, Go Astros.

Since there isn’t much to talk about like Urban Meyer leaving UF because he was banging his daughters sorority sisters, let’s get in to what to do.  Pretty solid Health Issue if you as me.





About 2 miles north of downtown Columbus.  I would check out Thompson Memorial Library, holy building.  Looks sick as shit.  Its been a minute since I’ve entered a library.  I used to be kinda obsessed with them, why? I got that bitches V-Card at the age of 14.

The Ariel view of the campus also looks intriguing.  I would take a gander at campus, as every campus is different,  I bet Ohio State has some pretty cool attributes.




Where to eat:


Buckeye Donuts:

What the fuck is a Buckeye again?  Who gives a fuck, DONUTS.  I love how people pick on Cops because they’re known for their coffee and donuts.  You’re telling me, if you were known to love donuts (which you should be, if you’re American) and someone made a jab at you for it, you would get mad? I wouldn’t give a single fuck if someone made fun of me for that, its DONUTS. DELICIOUS.


Hang Over Easy:

If the name doesn’t explain itself, then go back to grade school.  HANG OVER, which every person in town for this tilt (hockey term, but like the word choice) this weekend will be.  EASY, google it if you don’t understand it. Fuckin idiot. This place is only open till 3pm, won’t tell you the open time because you won’t be awake and fully functioning when they do.  I’m a fan of these breakfast/brunch places only open till 2-3pm, they have perfected their breakfast/lunch foods, you can’t go wrong.  Especially when hung over. You could do a seasoned veteran move and keep the party going with an alcoholic beverage with your french toast.


Dinner Spot:

Refectory Restaurant:

Another dinner only restaurant.  Expensive.  I’m a big believer in doing a nice sit down dinner Friday night, before a College Football weekend.  Looks intense, but if Im in Ohio for more than just driving through the shitty state, I might as well try out one of the best restaurants in the birthplace of Aviation.



Lunch/Dinner/Drunk Spots:

Hot Chicken Takeover:

Fried Chicken+Football Town= America.  I love me some Popeye’s, but if there is a mom and pop shop, that is bumpin? You know damn well, I’m Tokyo driftin my ass in to their parking lot.  Fried chicken, as it seems simple, it’s about the seasoning, but to me it’s not all about that.  It’s the sides, mashed potatoes and gravy with a kick.  Rice and beans.  BISCUITS, at least 3….5, yep, 35.




Adriaticos New York Style Pizza:

I get why people put New York Style Pizza, because they think big.  But some places just do a large 16″ pizza.  That ain’t shit.  28″ Pizza is big.  When you have to customize order your pizza boxes, I want a slice.  They seem to do rectangular pizzas, I’m a fan of a local chain in VA, but would have to try out myself to make the call.  Open late, so show up drunk and get a pie.


Condado Tacos:

You all should know by now.  Any Mexican food place is my favorite spots to check out.  It might just be the tequila you need once or twice a weekend in a drink form known as a margarita on the rocks, no salt with a floater of Grand Marnier.  Not that ive ordered one before.  With a side of tacos or enchiladas.  Check the place out, it won’t disappoint.




Melt Bar & Grilled:

Love a good deli.  This place has everything, seriously everything.  Along with it being a melt.  Wake & BACon…. get it?  This place looks incredible.  They have multiple locations, I wouldn’t take that in to consideration other than they are successful.  I am a believer in one local spots, but it being in all of Ohio.  I believland. Wonder if LeBron has been here? Jk, he doesn’t like to be in the hairline, I mean, headlines.


Old North Arcade:

Ok, I know its College Football Saturday and NFL Sunday, this place opens at 12pm on the weekends.  Check this place out, OLD SCHOOL arcade games, like OLD school, but you can drink.  Visited a place like this in Chapel Hill, NC, showed up on a Sunday, parents were drinking watching football and their annoying fucking kids were playing games the whole time.  HINT TO BUSINESS: $1.50 fireball/cheap alcohol shots, cash only (if you’re the owner, you know) weekends from 12-5pm, give 2 quarters back so kids get to play a couple more games and parents can relax! Bartenders, sorry but they’ll give you more tip on final bill, hopefully. Cheap Fucks.


North High Brewing:

Big craft brew guy.  If you are visiting, check this place out.  Patio and all. Not a fan of beer? They have a full bar as well, which is hard to find.  If you’re like me, this is a placeis the best of both worlds.  Don’t have 15 IPAs and expect to walk out of the bar, unless your name is Doc Holliday.



Brothers Drake:

Interested in some live music instead of the Fall Classic or college football late Saturday night? This spot will have your needs!  Unless its Garth Brooks, the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, or John fuckin Mellencamp, I won’t be anywhere near a live music venue when there is College Football and the World Series on at the same time.  Apparently 210 people are interested in the band playing Saturday night……. I’m assuming the other 1,000,000 people in town that day have decided to do other things.  Who would have thought?


Village Idiot:

HA! Sounds like a watering hole my ass would roll to.  Which it is.  TVs and a hole in the wall.  Love it.  Especially when GameDay is in town.  This place will be rocking.  Drinks, College Chicks, Alumnus, and sports.  This is the place to be.


Ugly Tuna Saloon:

I’m catching a pretty solid trend in Ohio, BARS, that mostly serve drinks than food, open late during the week and early on the weekends.  Another reason, shitty state.  Sometimes I just want to eat at a bar, for lunch.  Is that so hard to ask?  UPSIDE, to this, is these bars that do open later, are probably stacked with people and entertainment.  This excerpt on the Ugly Tuna Saloon, is pretty much what I suspect this place is.


Notable Alumni:

Cris Carter: Former NFL Football player, Pro Football Hall of Fame.

George Steinbrenner: Former owner of the New York Yankees. Dynasty, by pure stats, you play for the NYY, you have a 1 in 4 chance of winning the World Series.

Nick Swisher: Former MLB baseball fielder and World Series champion with NYY. (see above)

Jack Nicklaus: The Golden Bear, aka still the best golfer that ever lived….Tiger, you need 5 more to be the best.  I don’t mean Perkins waitresses you fuck.

They have like 6 Heisman trophy winners but I watched RG3 and unless you’re in the Hall of Fame then, congrats you won a trophy for being great in college and never excelling in your career.

9 Pro Football Hall of Famers.  SPIN ZONE(Credit: Pardon My Take): None won the Heisman. Granted, they could be inducted later but……I doubt that.


George W. Bush

Penn State upset Ohio State in Happy Valley a year ago.  They want revenge, they will be at home. OSU is giving 6.5 points.  Penn State knows how much this game means to them.

Have fun this weekend.  Drink a lot, sorry Buckeyes, but I’m on the Penn State train

Nick Stan TTT








Buckeye Nation





College GameDay is headed BACK to Columbus for the second time this year.

Their first meeting, Ohio State was stunned by current #10 Oklahoma when Baker Mayfield made the horseshoe his bitch, then to top it off, he ran the OU flag on to the field and spiked that fucker dead center, to let all of Columbus know he’s no Johnny fuck around.

But #2 Penn State, who GameDay attended Happy Valley last week showed Michigan, they are the real deal.  I am on the Penn State train, after what they’ve been through, Good for them. I’d love for them to get to the National Championship and play Bama and win.  I’d waste a lot of money to see that happen.

Check back Thursday to see what to do if you’re visiting Columbus this weekend.

Nick Stan TTT